[Legends Series] TrusTa Documentary

TrusTa- a defining player in GD history. Without a doubt the biggest and most renowned player of 2.0, surpassing even Surv. Even Knobbelboy and Sunix are still lagging behind as TrusTa has taken his place as a god at the top of the community. Starting out as a small-time mobile player who had a level stolen by some of the biggest names in GD, TrusTa made the switch to PC and gradually created and played his way to success. Around May 2016, everything changed for him and from Red World to Sakupen Hell, all the way through to Yatagarasu, he has been a constant presence and revered name in this community. Everyone loves him, and with good reason. Today, we will be taking an in-depth look into the humble beginnings of this GD great, and cycling through his career to the present day, in my most requested video of all time! So sit back and relax and get ready for the Legends Series- TrusTa Documentary.

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This has been a long time in waiting but is finally here. My aim is to get one more Legends Series documentary out this year- just before 2017 ends. I don’t know who it will be on yet but I think it is a safe bet to assume either Knobbelboy or Sunix, depending on what comes first- BL or SWI. This video is in text, not speech, as requested by the international audiences. I know, as I’ve transitioned, a return to text can be annoying but after the MFH voiced documentary as an experiment, the biggest request was to not voice the Legends Series. I will keep written videos for Legends Series, eventually all Maps From Hell episodes well become voiced. But all this is a long way off. I don’t know for how much longer this series will run to be honest, it becomes incredibly stressful to make and while it was nice and nostalgic to return to it recently, they are difficult to persist through and they kind of drive me crazy. I’m just not as interested in player careers as I am level history.

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If you read down this far, you deserve a reward- so here’s a sneaky piece of information. I have a new documentary series coming out very soon. Not Legends Series, not Maps from Hell, and no, not a ‘player battle’ series either as some people thought might come about because of the Riot vs. Cyclic video. Instead, this will be a totally unique series that will be voiced, but it will have one major difference to all my normal documentaries. I don’t want to give away too much so stay tuned in the coming days or weeks (depending on my video schedule) to find out what that is! I doubt you’ll be disappointed, it fits in nicely with all my current work and will appeal to a very large audience in GD.

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